At DTR Labs we offer both Urine Toxicology and Oral Fluid Toxicology. We use LC/MS machines at our lab, giving our physicians accurate results with the highest standard of testing available in the industry. Our Toxicology testing helps physicians monitor medications being prescribed with both qualitative and quantitative results. We have added rule based logic and drug testing history to our results, making our results more organized and more efficient to read for physicians working with our lab. We have certified Toxicologists on staff that are available for any questions our physicians may have.

Why Use Toxicology?

  • Making sure medications being prescribed are working
  • Medication monitoring/management
  • Preventing accidental overdose or addiction to controlled substances being prescribed
  • See how much of the drug you are prescribing your patients are taking (quantitative results)
  • Preventing harmful drug to drug interactions the patient may be taking
  • Check for community abused drugs your patients may be taking in congruence with medications being prescribed
  • Prevent drug diversion

"Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the US." -American Society of Addiction Medicine (2016)"91 Americans die everyday from an opioid overdose." -Center for Disease Control (2016)"Over half of the people abusing prescribed drugs got them from a friend or relative. Over 17% were prescribed the medication." -Addiction Center (2016)